About Dylan

Also in 2008, Dylan set out to race other regional series with his new kart (Birel) in tow, and his karting career really took off from there. Within the first year of karting, Lupton emerged as a growing threat collecting nine wins and four podiums on the regional karting scene. Learning and adapting at a rapid pace, Lupton set out to the national karting scene in the beginning of 2009. The year of 2009 was another great year where Dylan won the Pro-Kart Tag Jr. Championship. He collected seven wins along with thirteen podium finishes. Through two years of kart racing, Dylan emerged from being a rookie driver to a “force to be reckoned with” on any given weekend across the nation.

Due to Dylan’s goals of making racing not just a hobby, but a career; he decided to step out of the karts and into a full bodied stock car. Dylan and his father took some time and researched what would be the best path for him to reach his goal. In the end, they decided that High Point Racing (located in Simi Valley, California) would give Dylan the most support, experience, and professionalism necessary to further advance his career.

In 2010, Dylan Lupton stepped into his first real racecar looking for success. Dylan soon learned the difficulties that came with circle track racing. The first half of the season, he was struggling with feeling out these cars and trying to figure out what he could do to get him on the top step at the end of the night. With hard work and determination, Dylan finally got his first win halfway through the season and he never looked back. From there on out, he won three more races and never finished out of the top three. This resulted in Dylan winning the S2 series Championship and rookie of the year. Not only did this boost his confidence to the roof for the 2011 series, but it gave him much needed seat time to be prepared for the premier late model division.

Unlike the 2010 season, Dylan Lupton came into the series prepared to win races right off the bat however in the competitive late model division, while racing once again for High Point Racing. Looking to win another championship, Lupton came out swinging and never looked back. After half way through the season, Lupton established himself as being one of the fastest drivers at the racetrack. However, bad luck had struck and taken him out of contention for the championship. From an engine blowing up to getting a flat tire while leading, bad luck seemed to be a constant in 2011. Lupton never quit however; instead he kept a positive attitude and worked harder. At the end of the season Dylan tallied up four wins and ten top threes. Another remarkable achievement he achieved in the 2011 season was that he finished 17th overall in the nation for national points, he was ranked third in the state of California, and he was ranked third for rookie of the year in the nation. 2011 was also a year for Dylan to get his feet wet in the ultra-competitive NASCAR K&N Pro Series. While working for Bill McAnally Racing over summer, McAnally let Lupton prove himself at All American Speedway and the new Phoenix International Raceway. From the get go, Lupton showed that he could hang with the best of the best by being towards the very top in practice times and that he could race in the top ten. Although the final results weren’t a good indicator of Dylan’s talent, due to some more bad luck, he gained much needed experience and seat time for the 2012 season.

In 2012 Lupton looked to help further his racing career and to get more experience racing with a better caliber of drivers. Therefore, Dylan went back east to race Late Models for Frank Deiny Jr Motorsports. From South Boston to Southern National to Motormile Speedway, Lupton hit the biggest tracks to race with the best of the best. This was a huge learning curve for Dylan, where it took him some time to get use to this new style of racing, new cars, and new team he was introduced to. After a little bit of seat time, Lupton was running up in the top five in the later part of the year in okay equipment. Even though Dylan did not really come alive until the second part of the 2012 season, the skills he learned has made him more then ready to take the next step in his career to the NASCAR K&N Pro Series and be able to win in the series. Dylan Lupton is ready and waiting to take this next step and prove to everyone, like he has in the past, that he is a winning driver when put into good racecars with a solid team backing him.

For 2013 and 2014, Dylan Lupton stepped up turned professional, driving in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series for Sunrise Ford and Bob Bruncatti. In 2013, Lupton was able to collect one victory and finish fifth in points on his way to claiming the Sunoco Rookie of the Year title. With a full year under his belt, Dylan charged into 2014 and fought for the championship all the way up to the very last round. Even though, he finished 2nd in the championship points, he proved that he was a contender from round one finishing top ten in every race, top five nine times, and collecting a victory at Kern County Raceway Park. Another huge accomplishment in his K&N Pro Series Career was that Dylan was chosen to be a member of the NASCAR Next class. NASCAR Next is a group of drivers, handpicked by NASCAR, who are proven winners and are thought to be the next superstars of the sport.

With two years of racing in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series under his belt, Dylan is looking to make his next step up in his racing career. For 2015, Lupton will be racing for Athenian Motorsports in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Dylan has signed a contract to race part time (up to 15 races) for the team. Watch Dylan go up against the top racers in the world and concrete his name into NASCAR